Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Group dance at Dancercise, Isle of Whithorn

To have a good look at all the elegance involved in Dancercise, with the excellent Pam Paterson, click here. This should take you to the video.

Well done to all the members of the group for such a great performance!!!

Monday, 6 February 2017

Living Independently at Home - Information and dates for the Pop up Home from Home

Care Call (Telecare)
Care Call is a 24 hour 365 day response service which works through a control unit connected to your telephone line. It is operated by us to help you to stay safe in your own home.
Care Call means we can help in an emergency at any time, day or night. You'll be connected to our trained operators at the press of a button or through sensors in your home, the operators will speak to you and contact help if needed.
We can monitor:
·                                 emergency button pendants
·                                 smoke detectors
·                                 fall detectors
·                                 movement detectors
·                                 door and window sensors
·                                 flood detectors
·                                 carbon monoxide detectors
·                                 extreme temperature sensors
·                                 chair and bed sensors
·                                 wandering client alarms
Who can apply
Care Call might be the ideal solution if you're experiencing:
·                                 physical disability
·                                 sensory impairment
·                                 mental health problems
·                                 a long term health condition
·                                 frailty
·                                 dementia
·                                 problems with substance misuse
The charges for care and support services are normally based on an assessment of your financial circumstances but there is a charge for Care Call regardless of your financial situation.
The weekly charge is currently £3.60, the equipment you'll need is provided free of charge.
How to apply
·                                 Call 030 33 33 3001
·                                 Email carecall@dumgal.gov.uk
You'll need:
·                                 a telephone landline in your house
·                                 2 people who can hold a key and be your responders in an emergency

Monday Club - Arts and Crafts

Lynda came along to demonstrate her cloth dying art.

She used Egyptian Cloth, fabric paints and brushes sponges etc. for the demonstration.
When the cloth had dried, Lynda used the designs as a back drop for her embroidery and brought in some samples to show.

The members of the Monday Club all had a go at producing some lovely samples. The morning went very well with lots of enthusiasm.

At our next Monday Club meeting on 20th February, Dave from Building Healthy Communities is coming along to do a Healthy Cooking Workshop.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

SQA Preparing to Volunteer - BHC and CLD Partnership Working

Working in partnership with D&G Community Learning, Building Healthy Communities
are running a 12 week course on Preparing to Volunteer.

There are specific outcomes for this level 3 course which are:

Demonstrate an understanding of volunteering.
Identify the benefits of volunteering to the volunteer.
Plan and prepare for a volunteering opportunity.

Students have to keep a portfolio of their work to show their understanding
of each of the three outcomes. The 12 week course includes:

What is a volunteer? 
What are the roles and responsibilities of both a volunteer and
an organisation that uses volunteers
What are the different types of Volunteering organisations 
Confidentiality, Reliability and Honesty
Behaviour and Attitude 
Child and Adult protection
Health and Safety, including risk assessments
Preparing to Volunteer

The group have done exceedingly well, with lots of discussions around the topics.
One person has already signed up as a volunteer with Building Healthy Communities
to assist with a specific initiative.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Login & Connect

The Login & Connect group continues to thrive with many people attending on a weekly basis.

Queries that were resolved have included: Placing folders onto desktops, Use of maps on tablets, deleting apps, Facebook navigation, software updates etc.

Comments from members so far include:

"Very helpful first class"
"Very good - will be back"
"Very helpful assistance"
"Most interesting and helpful"

The group meet every Wednesday at the Newton Stewart Centre from 10.30 to 12.30. All welcome for some advice and a cup of tea!!

Dancercise - Isle of Whithorn

The group, facilitated by the effervescent Pam Paterson, continues to grow. There are now 32 registered members for the group and their abilities, confidence and socialising all have increased over the year.

In a recent evaluation, the following comments were made:

" It has helped on all levels, my mobility has improved and I have made new friends.  As well as the exercise,  we have a laugh & coffee afterwards.  I t gives me a purpose to get up and get moving.  I really look forward to the class."

"It enables me to exercise at my level, helping to improve my flexibility and mood.  It gets me out of the house, I mix with other ladies and always feel good afterwards."

"As I am a quite healthy 66 years old, I still attend dancercise every week.  It is exercise that I probably wouldn’t get.  It has helped to make new friends; we have coffee after exercise and a chat and it makes me leave home, get out, fresh air and enjoy the class and the company and always get a good laugh. always feel good afterwards."
Below is a collage of recent photos at the latest meeting of the group.

click on collage to enlarge
Dancercise runs every Tuesday at St Ninians Hall in the Isle from 10.30 until 11.30.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Our Wigtownshire - Jills of all Trades

This month's "Our Wigtownshire" features an article and photo about the Jills of all Trades on pages 42 and 43.  Anyone interested in reading the article should buy a copy!!  

Great photo Jills!!!!

Friday, 27 January 2017

Isle of Whithorn Art Group

The Isle of Whithorn Art Group meets every Wednesday from 12.30 until 3pm at St Ninians hall in the Isle. The group continues to thrive with new members joining.

This is a relaxed group of people who are interested in the Arts and share their skills with each other over the weeks.

In a recent evaluation of the initiative, the following comments were made by some of the people that attend the group:

"It’s a friendly group where we exchange ideas and spend time a relaxing time pursuing our hobby.  It’s a great de-stresser."

"It has made a big difference.  We all do different things and bounce off one another.  We talk and meet up outside of the class so it’s very social.  I think my health, mental & physical, has improved greatly.  Thank you for the facility."

"A group to which I enjoy going to every week.  Something to really look forward to."

New members are always welcome and there is a small amount of artistic materials for people to use, but they will need to bring their own material if coming on a regular basis.

For further information, contact Building Healthy Communities on 01988 501111

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Login&Connect - new group

This new initiative at the Newton Stewart Centre (previously known as The Hut) in which members of the public come along, bring their laptops, tablets, phones and any other devices started last Wednesday and has continued successfully this week.

Total number of attendees over the last 2 weeks was 26 which is really good and shows that there is a need for this type of support in Newton Stewart.

Questions and advice sought included "how do I turn this on", "how can I set up an email address", "my family set this up but I don't know how to use it" "how do I download an app to speak with a friend abroad"... and so on!

The smooth running of the group would not have been possible without the input and support from the BHC volunteers and a potential volunteer.  We thank them for all their hard work and "IT knowledge"!

The Login&Connect group meet every Wednesday from 10.30am to 12.30pm.  Along side this initiative, we also run a Scrabble4Fun group.  People can do both on the day!

For further information on these initiatives, please contact Building Healthy Communities on 01988 501111.

SP Energy Networks

Take a look at the poster to see what help SP Energy Networks can give you, or someone you know, in the event of a power cut this winter!!

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Monday Club - Flower arranging with Nuala

Nuala's visit was a success.  When Nuala arrived, she explained she was not used to presenting and was very nervous but Nuala's passion for flowers and floral display came across as excellent.  The members of the Monday Club were enthralled by her dexterity! Nuala answered questions given by the Monday Club members and talked through her presentation explaining what she was doing and the flowers she was using. 
 At the end of the session, names of attending members were put in a "hat"and the two names drawn took home the displays home.


Nuala had shown a floral card display and a vase/floral foam display.

At our next Monday Club Meeting on 23rd January, we will have Eddie McGaw talking about his charity work in Kenya. Along with Pamela Paterson doing chair based exercise.

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, 5 January 2017

New Initiatives from BHC Machars

Happy New Year to everyone from the staff at BHC in the Machars!!

There are 2 new initiatives starting next week in Newton Stewart, supported by Building Healthy Communities and the Machars Area Partnership.

The initiatives are "Login & Connect" and "Scrabble4Fun" and both are taking place on Wednesday from 10.30 - 12.30. at "The Hut" Newton Stewart, opposite the Library.

Who says you only get special offers at the supermarket?? For full details, click on the pictures below: